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10th December

Homework for Thursday 10th December to Tuesday 14th December


If you need any help with any of the homework, or you are not sure what to do, please do ask your class teacher. 


Maths – Practise writing out your number bonds to 10 (pairs of numbers that add up to 10). Start with 10+0=10 and work logically through them. You should have 11 number sentences altogether!

 Numbots session (at least 15 mins).


Reading - Please read your reading book at least twice and record it in your Reading Record. Look in the words to learn section at the bottom of the page. If your teacher has written some words please practise reading these.


Phonics – if you can, go on to Phonics Play and practise reading words containing Phase 5 sounds – ay a-e ea and e-e. If not, you could write some down, get your parents to hide them, then go on a word hunt!



Knowledge Organiser Task 1 – History At the start of this term we learnt all about the Gunpowder plot. What can you remember about it? Tell your family all that you can remember, or you could even write some sentences! Use the knowledge organiser to check your facts.


Knowledge Organiser Task 2 –  DT Earlier this term we created wheel mechanisms. Use your knowledge of how to make them to create a Christmas wheel mechanism like the one below!