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15th October

Homework for Thursday 15th October - Tuesday 20th October


If you need any help with any of the homework, or you are not sure what to do, please do ask your class teacher. 



    We will be continuing to look at adding 3 1 digit numbers together.

(e.g. 2+3+1=)

Here is an example:

Can you test yourself by thinking of 3 small numbers to add together?

Top tip – Can you use your knowledge of number bonds to help you had them together even quicker?


Please read your reading book at least twice and record it in your Reading Record.

In  Year 2 will be given a new reading book on a Monday and these will need to be handed back in on a Friday to allow them to be quarantined over the weekend. New books will be given out the following Monday. Children will need to bring their reading books to school each day to enable us to listen to them read in school.



Please remember to keep practicing your Phase 5 sounds. 

Use the PhonicsPlay website, dragons den activity and choose the diagraphs  

oi (phase 3) and oy (phase 5). 



Learn to spell the tricky words; Mr, Mrs, looked, called, you, no, go.

You could write them in sentences to help you practise them. 


Knowledge Organiser Task 1

 Learn Section 2 of your Geography knowledge organiser (The 4 countries of the UK) ready for next week’s task!


Knowledge Organiser Task 2

Learn Section 2 of your Science knowledge organiser (What are properties of materials?). Go on a hunt around your house to find 5 different materials. Can you name proprerties of that material, is the material suitable or unsuitable for a different purpose? (E.g. a jumper made from cotton is a suitable material because it is soft, warm and opaque but an unsuitable material for a jumper would be metal because it is rigid.)