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26th November

Year 5 Homework

26th November - 1st December



This week, our focus is using the suffixes -gue and -que

antique, cheque, unique, grostesque, picturesque, tongue, dialogue, league, fatigue, colleague, catalogue


Times Tables

Please login to TT Rockstars and play 30 minutes in Arena - this will count towards the Battle against Year 6



Daily reading of at least 15 minutes, recorded in the reading record


Non-Core Task

Think about your bread design and decide which extra ingredients (if any) that you might need. Measure out the quantities you will need and bag them up ready to bring in on the day you will be baking. 


If you are able, you may wish to practice making a simple white bread, or use playdoh to practice the shape you want your bread to be - plaiting your bread is a simple but very effective way of making it look fancy.