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3rd December

If you need any help with any of the homework, or you are not sure what to do, please do ask your class teacher. 
Maths – Write out and learn to spell the numbers as words

1 - one    11 - eleven

2 -two    12 - twelve

3 - three    13 - thirteen

4 -four    14 - fourteen

5 - five     15 - fifteen

6 - six   16 - sixteen

7 - seven   17 - seventeen

8 - eight   18 - eighteen

9 - nine   19 - nineteen

10 - ten   20 - twenty


Numbots session (at least 15 mins).

Reading - Please read your reading book at least twice and record it in your Reading Record. Look in the words to learn section at the bottom of the page. If your teacher has written some words please practise reading these. 
Phonics – We are now beginning to learn Phase 5 sounds. This week we are learning the different graphemes for /ee/ - ee, ea, e_e and y.

Use the following to practise writing and counting the phonemes in each word: tree, green, Queen, dream, steam, theme, extreme, happy, silly, messy


We are also learning to read the following tricky words: Mr, Mrs, looked, called,



Knowledge Organiser Task 1 – Geography – Draw a picture of yourself in each season, think about the clothes you’re wearing, the weather and the activities you could do.


nowledge Organiser Task 2 – DT

Find different stitches around the house. What can you find that has been sewn together? Clothes/ sofa/ teddies.

If you have needle and thread at home then practise threading your own needle and maybe have a go at doing some running stitches like we did in class.