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BHS Cross Country Races 2015

Boston High School Cross Country Races 2015

Saturday 28th November saw the local Boston schools' annual cross country race take place at Boston High School. It was a chilly but bright, still morning; ideal for running in! Seven schools entered boys' and girls' teams. The boys' race began at 10am with 61 boys taking part. The race ended with Callum coming in first for Tower Road (which after running in his brother's shadow last year it was good to see him win this year!) Second was Jack and third was Johnny, both running for Sibsey. The boys' team results were 1st Boston West 'A', 2nd place Sibsey 'A' and in 3rd place was Hawthorn Tree 'A'.

The girls set off as soon as the boys had finished their race, with 46 competing. After taking the lead and holding it, Beth came in first for Tower Road, with Lucy for Sibsey and Evie for Boston West.

The girls' team results were as follows: 1st Tower Road, 2nd Sibsey  and 3rd Hawthorn Tree.

Congratulations to all the runners for taking part which for many it was their first experience of competing in a cross country race!

Many thanks to the BHS hares for giving up their time to come and support the young runners  by showing them the way and to Mrs Brennan for allowing us to use the field. Thank you to all the staff for organising their teams and supporting them, along with their parents! Hope to see you next year!

Picture 1 Boys' individual winners. Callum, Jack & Johnny.
Picture 2 Girls' individual winners. Beth, Lucy & Evie.
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