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Boston & District 7-a-side Football Tournament 2014

Boston & District 7-a-side Football Tournament 2014.


On Friday 7th November 11 teams from 9 schools met at Wyberton football ground to take part in this year’s tournament. The teams were split up into three groups of 4 teams and so played 3 matches in the first round.


Tower Road ‘B’ was in Group 1 with Gosberton, St. Thomas’ and Carlton Road.  While Tower Road ‘A’ was in Group 2 with Park, Staniland and Boston West ‘B’.


Tower Road ‘A’ drew 0-0 with Park in their first game. In their next game against Staniland it ended in another draw; this time 1-1! Their final game saw a win of 4-0 against Boton West ‘B’.


Meanwhile Tower Road ‘B’ faced Gosberton in their first game which ended in a 1-0 defeat. In their next game they also lost to Carlton Road with a score of 4-0. However their luck changed in their third game against St. Thomas’  with a win 4-0!


At the end of the first round of games Tower Road ‘A’ were the winners of Group 2 with St Thomas’ the winners of Group 1 and Boston West ‘A’ the winners of Group 3. While Tower Road ‘B’ ended up in 4th place in their group.


In the final round the teams now played a further 2 games in their new groups. (Created by their final positions in the first round of games.) Tower Road ‘A’ lost to St Thomas 1-0 and unfortunately also to Boston West ‘A’ 2-3. In Group 4 (the fourth placed teams) Tower Road ‘B’ lost to Boston West ‘B’ 5-0 and suffered another loss against St Nicholas 5-1.


Over all the final places were Boston West ‘A’ finished in 1st place, with St Thomas’ in 2nd and Tower Road ‘A’ in 3rd. Wyberton came 4th, Staniland and Carlton Road came = 5th, Hawthorn Tree 7th, Park 8th, Gosberton 9th, Boston West ‘B’ and St Nicholas in = 10th and Tower Road ’B’ bought up the rear in 12th place!


Congratulations to all the players. Boston West ‘A’ now go on to play in the finals in January at Carres Grammar School, Sleaford.


Thank you to all the referees, Wyberton playing  fields and all the supporters.