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Boston Schools' 2015 Swimming Gala

Boston Schools’ Swimming Gala 2015


Success once again! For the 24th year! Jubilation!

Saturday 14th March saw the local Schools’ Swimming Gala taking place at Geoff Moulder Leisure Pool.

Eleven schools took part this year. These were split into small, middle-size and large school groups. Sutterton Fourfields, Sibsey Free and Wyberton made up the small schools’ group. In the middle-size group there were Hawthorn Tree, St Mary’s, Swineshead, Boston West Academy and Butterwick. That left us, Carlton Road and Staniland in the large schools group. 


 After a hesitant start we went on to win every race, except one! Which was a fantastic achievement! The atmosphere in the pool was amazing! The cheering lifted the roof on several occasions.


 Once all the individual races had been swum, it was the turn of the relays. In the first relay the four swimmers, Anton, Joe, Emily and Olivia completed the race three quarters of a length ahead of the second place team. In the freestyle relay the team of Beth, Michaela, Callum and Oliver, finished the race before Staniland and Carlton Road had handed over to their fourth place swimmers!


While the results were being totalled there was the Parent/Teacher Race. Four schools entered teams. In our team was swimming Dr Kiss, Mr Hyde, Miss Davies and Miss Lenton. The atmosphere during this race was electric! All the children were engaged in cheering and clapping the racers. But it was Carlton Road that took the first place medal, with Tower Road in second place.


 The evening concluded with the results.


Small schools: Sutterton Fourfields  3rd place with 58 points. Wyberton 2nd with 62 points and in 1st place with 72 points was Sibsey.


Middle-size schools: St Mary’s in 5th place with 37 points, Swineshead 4th place with 38 points, Hawthorn Tree in 3rd place, Butterwick 2nd place with 56 points and in 1stplace was Boston West Academy with 64 points.


Large schools: Staniland 3rd place with 53 points, Charlton Road 2nd place with 61 points and Tower Road in 1st place with 75 points!


It was a great evening. Many thanks to St Mary’s and Boston Swimming Club for organising the event. Thank you to all the supporters and to all the children for swimming fantastically! A very special mention must be made to Elise for agreeing to swim (only on the Friday), after another swimmer had fallen ill (who in turn had agreed to swim after another girl had had to pull out). A great big Thank You Elise!