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Boston Schools' Hockey Tournament 2015

Boston Schools’ Quicksticks Hockey Tournament.


On a beautiful warm, sunny day the 2015 quicksticks hockey tournament took place at Thomas Middlecott Academy, Kirton, (June 3rd). Six teams entered the competition. But first everyone warmed up with a friendly match. Tower Road ‘A’ played Tower Road ‘B’ in this game!

After this the six teams were split into 2 leagues of three and each would play each other in the league. Tower Road ‘A’ were matched against Wyberton and Swineshead. In the first game against Swineshead the team got off to a good start and won by a score of 6-0. For many of the Swineshead team this was the very first match they had every played in.The next match was tougher. Each side played very well, scoring either to take the lead or to equalise. In the end the score was 2-2, a draw. Meanwhile Tower Road ‘B’ faced St Mary’s in their first game and won 4-1. Their next game saw them beat Wrangle 7-0. It was super to see Wrangle take part in a competition.

After this first round of games, the teams were split into two different groups and now played for positions. This saw St Mary’s, Swineshead and Wrangle played each other and Wyberton, Tower Road ‘A’ and ‘B’ play each other. The first match saw Wyberton play Tower Road ‘A’ again. This time the goals kept slipping in for Wyberton, resulting in a 6-1 win. Then Tower Road ‘A’ faced Tower Road ‘B’. This was a super match, each knowing the other teams strengths and weaknesses but in the end it was the ‘B’ team that took the win, 3-1. In the last match Tower Road ‘B’ played Wyberton. The goals now kept slipping in for Tower Road ‘B’ and the end result was a win of 6-1 for the ‘B’s.

The final results were: 6th place-Wrangle, 5th Swineshead, 4th St Marys, 3rd Tower Road ‘A’, 2nd Wyberton and 1stplace Tower Road ‘B’. The fair play trophy went to Wrangle. Many thanks to Thomas Middlecott for hosting the tournament, the umpires and to the parents for supporting. As well as to all the teams for some great playing!Both Wyberton and Tower Road ‘B’ teams will now go onto represent the Boston area at the County finals in July.