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We are thinking about how to be a good digital citizen in Computing this week. The rings of responsibility show that we have responsibilities to ourselves, our friends and family, and the larger community:


  • Self: The center ring has to do with responsibilities students have to themselves, such as keeping themselves safe and healthy, and protecting their reputations.
  • Friends and Family: The middle ring stands for responsibilities students have to their friends and family, such as helping with chores, attending their performances, or just listening to them when they are having problems.
  • Larger Community: The outer ring stands for responsibilities to the larger community, from following rules at school to playing safely at the playground. Have a look at the worksheet and read the 6 statements at the bottom. You need to decide where the responsibility lies and place the statement there. 


ASK: What responsibilities do you have to yourself?

It could be things like I brush my teeth, I do my homework, I eat healthy foods.


ASK: What responsibilities do you have to your good friends and to your family?

It could be things like I help my friends at school. I do jobs around the house.


ASK: What responsibilities do you have to the larger community?

It could be things like I'm polite to people, I don't drop litter, I am on time for appointments. 


Read these statements and decide who the responsibility lies with, (self, family and friends, larger community.)


I am respectful and kind when communicating online.
I never reveal my family’s home address.
I communicate only with people I know offline.
I don’t tag my friends in photos or videos unless I have their permission.
I never participate in online bullying.
I think carefully about what I read on the Internet and question if it is from a reliable source.
I visit sites that are safe and appropriate.
I give proper credit when using information I find online.
I never share a friend’s private information.
I don’t copy someone else’s words and say that I wrote them.
I never call people mean names online.
I balance my time online and offline.

Have a look at the 6 statements at the bottom of the page. Decide where the responsibility lies.

Check your answers.


Have a go at the mini quiz - how much can you remember?