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County Finals: Swimming 2015

County Finals: Swimming 2015



Once again we were representing the Boston area in both the Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 swimming competitions. Both teams were 12 strong (6 boys and 6 girls) and were facing seven other teams from all over the County.


There were an array of different races to take part in.


The event started with a Y3/4 motorbike race (a knotted woggle!)They came 8th but it was only the start!


The events unrolled and the atmosphere got louder! The excitement grew! There were individual breaststroke, freestyle and backstroke races as well as medley and freestyle relays and a shark relay (where a float is held between the legs!) The Y5/6 had several wins which all helped towards their score!


By lunchtime break the Y5/6 were in first place! The Y3/4 were in eighth place.


After the lunch break. The afternoon warm up started. Then the next round of races started.


Butterfly, 50m back stroke, 50m freestyle, as well as the final ‘ball’ relay races. Where the swimmers had to swim with a ball using the polo drill! This was a real success with our teams!


In the final results The Year 3/4s came in 7th place. With the Year 5/6 teams: 7thClaythorpe, 6th Bourne, 5th Branston, 4th Parish, 3rd St Hughes, 2nd St Micheals with 122 points and 1st Tower Road with 132 points!!


A brilliant win. This is the 3rd year that this team have won Gold at Level 3. What an achievement!!


Many, many thanks to Brendan Clark for managing and organising both teams at the water’s edge and Mrs Kiss for supporting and organising the teams on the poolside, as well as to the other parents who travelled to help and support both teams.


It was a great day, a great atmosphere and made even more special with bringing back the Gold cup!