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County Swimming Finals March 2016

County Swimming Finals at Grantham March 2016

A wet and windy day greeted the swimmers and all the other athletes competing at this this year's County Games Finals at Grantham Mere's Sports Centre. Fortunately, the netball finals had been cancelled, yesterday, due to the predicted bad weather.

After collecting tee-shirts and meeting the School Sports' Game Mascot, we all entered the sports hall for the opening ceremony. There we were inspired by words from Rob Gee, a professional performance poet and writer and from Liz Cann, Commonwealth badminton sports star. Then we were entertained by Hawthorn Tree dance group who had been runners up in the dance show. The six school games pledges were made: Respect, Determination, Honesty, Passion, Self-Belief and Teamwork. Then the games were opened.

Our teams went off to the pool to change and begin the warm-up. Then the races began!

Everyone swam their best, which was all that was asked of them. Every race was exciting whether we 1st or came 8th.... it didn't matter!  Frankie came 3rd in her 50m breaststroke, Beth 1st in her 50m breaststroke, with Joe also coming 1st in his 50m breaststroke race. Just before the break, the year 5/6 freestyle team came first by a good margin! Followed by the Year 5/6 Shark team coming a super 2nd.

By lunchtime the Year 3/4 team were lying 7th and the Year 5/6 team were =2nd.

After a 30 minute break the afternoon session started. Joe won his butterfly race with a super lead! Beth came 2nd in the girls' butterfly race. Other successes were Michaela 1st in 25m breaststroke, Emily 2nd in  50m freestyle and Callum 2nd in 25m breaststroke and 1st in 50m backstroke.

Over all in the Year 3/4 teams, Waddington came 8th, 7th Tower Road, 6th Bourne,   5th St Botophs, 4th Norton, 3rd Parrish, 2nd St Andrews and 1st St Michaels. In the Year 5/6, it was St Andrews in 8th, =6th William Avery and Bourne, 5th Waddington, 4th St Michaels, 3rd Barrowby, 2nd Tower Road and 1st Ellison Boulters.

Congratulations to ALL the swimmers. You were all fabulous, putting your all into your swim!

Many, many thanks to all the parent helpers and supporters. Your help today was invaluable!


The teams meet the sport's game mascot
The games opening ceremony.
Elizabeth Cann, Commomwealth champion in badminton
Liz Cann giving an inspirational speech
Reuben meets the Sports Games mascot
The teams ready for action.
Ball relay underway.
Emily completing the ball relay
Year 5/6 team wining the Silver medal! Brilliant!