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 Our Curriculum


Tower Road’s curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that pupils gain the knowledge and skills required for them to become self-motivated and successful learners, well placed for the next phase of education and for life beyond. Our curriculum framework ensures the children experience a broad, knowledge and vocabulary rich curriculum, which is purposefully inter-linked and peppered with enrichment opportunities to embed learning in the long-term memory and ensure future progression.  


At Tower Road, our curriculum documentation is based the Early Years Framework in EYFS and the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 & 2, however we feel it is important to ensure the curriculum offer is tailored to meet the needs of our children taking into account the local context and any emerging issues.  Social, moral, spiritual and cultural learning is prioritised throughout the curriculum, ensuring that that pupils acquire the knowledge and cultural capital they need to become active and successful participants in today's diverse society. 


Tower Road is committed to providing every child with a fully inclusive curriculum experience; we carefully tailor our lessons to ensure that disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities can access our curriculum in full and experience success in doing so. 


Reading opportunities are emphasised in every area of the curriculum and high-quality and engaging texts have been chosen to enhance the children's understanding, knowledge and vocabulary across different subject areas.  


Our Curriculum Drivers



When designing our curriculum, we wanted to ensure that children experienced much more than the National Curriculum during their time at Tower Road. We wanted to ensure that our children receive a curriculum that is designed to broaden their horizons, extend the boundaries of their lives and provide opportunities that reflect the needs of our school community.  With this in mind we have prioritised three 'drivers' that permeate all aspects of school life, so that by the time our pupils leave Tower Road, they are inspired, articulate, ambitious, curious, knowledgeable, excited, and have the greatest number of options, experiences and directions open to them. 



Health:  social, physical and mental wellbeing 


We understand that children’s learning stretches far beyond subjects. In learning to respect themselves, we aim to equip children with the personal skills and attributes to thrive and succeed as citizens now and in the future. This means developing a curiosity and a love of learning, an understanding that challenge is to be welcomed and indeed sought, and that resilience and perseverance are vital ingredients in maintaining a healthy and balanced approach to our lives, in which self-care is a priority.


Boston has been identified as having one of the highest levels of childhood obesity in the country.  We are therefore committed to providing opportunities in and out of school to support active learning and develop children’s understanding of healthy living. At Tower Road we recognise that regular engagement in sport and physical activity not only helps children to lead a more active lifestyle as they grow up, it also develops character and importance social skills such as perseverance, resilience, confidence and teamwork.



Diversity: community, responsibility, respect


Children will develop a strong sense of themselves within our diverse local community, taking pride in themselves, benefitting from the rich cultural and ethnic mix both in the school and in the locality, and siting this within a wider national and international context.  Our broad curriculum ensure that children learn to celebrate similarities and differences, appreciate other people’s points of view and empathise with different cultures and religions in and out of school. Respect for the environment and an ethical responsibility will also be developed so that pupils have a sound sense of themselves, their place and their responsibility to the world in which we live. 



Knowledge: vocabulary, opportunities, lifelong possibilities


Knowledge within our school’s curriculum is a key priority so that children learn the considerable value that knowledge has in our lives.  We help children develop a thirst for knowledge and provide opportunities for children to identify their personal interests through a range of different experiences and encourage a lifelong love of learning.  Knowledge of the world we live in locally, nationally and worldwide is carefully planned into our curriculum to allow all pupils to achieve broad and deep subject expertise. We ensure that knowledge is revisited and remembered in detail, new knowledge builds upon existing knowledge and children can apply their knowledge and make links between curriculum areas.  Providing a word-rich environment throughout the curriculum, driven by high-quality texts and books, is prioritised to reinforce subject-specific vocabulary and address the national ‘vocabulary gap’.