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Dance Festival 2015

Dance Festival 2015


 Tuesday 10th March saw the annual Dance Festival take place on the stage at Haven Academy.

 250 performers (boys and girls from all year groups) took part in twelve teams. There was a vast array of music, dance style and productions, all carefully choreographed and very well-rehearsed.


 Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves as was evident by the beaming smiles on the performers’ faces. But in the end there had to be a winner!


 This was an incredible hard job for the three judges but in they finally made a choice.

The 3rd place came Quadring school’s Performance 2. A ‘Charleston’ style dance with matching red flapper style dresses and red suspenders for the boys. It was described as a ‘cheeky’ and ‘fun’ dance by the judges. In 2ndplace came Donington’s Performance 2. This was a massive, colourful array of dancers and costumes. Within their dance they all took a turn of ‘free style’ dancing which added a different element to the dance.


In 1st place, winners of last year too, were Stickney’s Performance 2. They danced to the Jackson 5’s ‘ABC as easy as 123’. Within their dance they also used scooters to dance with. Again another fun dance!Many thanks to Haven Academy and the three judges as well as Matt Haslam for organising the event.