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Design and Technology at Tower Road Academy 


Design and Technology should provide all pupils at Tower Road Academy with the opportunity to think creatively and respond to problems and needs within a real life, meaningful context. With inspiration from engineers, designers, chefs and architects, our DT curriculum will prepare children to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world. Through our carefully designed DT curriculum, children at Tower Road will know more, remember more and understand more.


Children’s technical knowledge and understanding will be developed by recalling prior learning and building on this, not only through retrieval tasks in lessons, but by revisiting skills and knowledge throughout their years at Tower Road Academy.

Each year group will study DT for three terms of the year, ensuring balanced and broad coverage of the five main areas of DT: electrical systems, mechanisms and mechanical systems, textiles, structures and food and nutrition.

All teaching of DT will be based upon real life contexts, ensuring the learning is meaningful to children, and will be rooted in technical knowledge and vocabulary. All DT teaching and learning will follow the ‘design, make, evaluate’ structure, with equal weight given to each part of the process.


Links to other areas of the curriculum will be made in DT. As well as incorporating reading, writing and maths skills, such as measuring for example, children will also draw upon for instance, their knowledge of materials from science.

Children will have the opportunity to solve problems for themselves, developing their independent learning skills; they will also learn to work collaboratively with their peers to achieve a desired outcome. Furthermore, children will learn to minimise and manage risk in a safe environment by frequent discussion of the health and safety issues surrounding DT, such as the correct use of scissors or hygiene in relation to food and nutrition.



Visitors are also an integral part of inspiring ambition and future careers, helping children to see that Design and Technology plays a huge part in our ever-changing world. Some of the visitors we have in school:


  • carpenters
  • electricians
  • fashion designers
  • architects
  • builders
  • baker
  • Farm Kitchen
  • Asda - discussing healthy foods

Cross-curricular reading in our DT curriculum


We have carefully mapped high-quality texts throughout our curriculum, some which are read in the DT  lessons themselves, other are used to link DT with our learning in English, or as a class book.  We strongly believe it immerses pupils into a topic, deepening their knowledge and understanding of a subject and exposing the children to rich vocabulary

Influential people in the world of Design and Technology


We believe it is important for young children to be inspired by and informed about the different careers or hobbies available to them in later life. Throughout our curriculum we not only look at the jobs involved within the field of DT, for example architects and chefs, but we also look at lives and work of some of the world's most inspiring people in the field of DT.

How you can help support your child's development in DT at home


  • cook and bake together
  • discuss the importance of healthy eating
  • look at the seasonality of food, what is in season at local farm shops etc
  • do some junk modelling - anything you like, from a car to a castle!
  • make a birthday or greetings card for someone that has moving parts, like a pop up element or a sliding, lever or wheel mechanism
  • do some sewing 
  • get those tools out and do some woodwork- you could make a bug hotel or a bird table!

Great DT links for kids


 Have a look at these websites for some fabulous DT projects in cooking, sewing and woodwork.