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Easter Dance Show Case 2015

Easter Dance Show Case.


The Spring term was brought to a close with the Easter Dance Show Case for the parents on Friday March 27th. It was super to see so many parents, grandparents and family members taking the time to come and watch the dancers perform. It was also an opportunity for parents to meet Miss Thorpe who has taken over from Miss Hallam as now she has a new baby boy to look after! Congratulations to her!


All the year groups which have been learning dances this term had already performed to each other, and to Year 1 and 2, on the Thursday afternoon, so it was a selection of those which were chosen to perform to parents and friends on the Friday.


The afternoon started with the Year 4 Dance Club performing ‘Nicest Kids in Town’. Then, for the first time, a Reception class (Mrs Pinguenet’s) had the opportunity to perform their dance- ‘Really Cool Space Team’. They were brilliant!


After that, the program included all three Year 5s dances that they had learnt for their ‘Screen and Stage’ topic and all Year 3s performed their dances, which were based on ‘Around the World in 25 Days’.  All Miss Thorpe’s other Dance clubs performed their dances, dressed appropriately! On Sunday March 22nd, Year 4 had had the opportunity to dance on the stage at the Embassy, Skegness in a professional setting called the ‘Folk with Fiddles Shindig’. A shortened version of the Klezmer dance (a Jewish wedding celebration dance) was included as the original lasted 10 minutes!

The show concluded with Year 6 Dance Club performing their ‘Remix’ dance which they had performed at the Boston schools’ Dance Festival.