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Goalball Tournament 2015

Goalball Tournament.


 Tuesday 28th April Tower Road hosted the Goalball Tournament which had been organised and run by Matt Haslam (Boston Sports Partnership). Goalball is a sport played by sight-impaired athletes. It is played with two teams who sit on the floor, guarding their goal (a bench) and attacking their oppositions’ goal with a football size ball. As it is a sport played by sight-impaired athlete, players who are sighted have to wear a blindfold, so the ball has a bell in it that the players have to listen out for! They then stop it and roll it back to the opposition’s goal. Great fun!

Three schools turned out for the tournament and all had enormous fun, but in the end it was Park that took the Gold, Tower Road the Silver and Charlton Road, Bronze. To round of the afternoon Park school played the staff and beat them!

Well done to all the competitors and the staff, as well as many thanks to Matt and Mike for running the afternoon.