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Goalball Tournament January 2016

Tower Road’s Goalball players achieve Silver!


On the 28th of January, 5 boys selected from year 5/6 represented Tower Road Academy in a Goalball tournament held in the sports hall at Tower Road. Goalball is a Paralympic sport played by blind or partially sighted athletes. It uses the sense of hearing to locate and track a ball with a bell in it. The idea of the game is to roll the ball so it hits the opponents’ bench without the ball being stopped by the opponents. If the children are sighted, they wear a blindfold so that they have to use their hearing to judge where the ball is rolling to and defend their own bench (goal).  There were 5 teams in the Goalball tournament from 5 schools. Each team would play each other once. Tower Road’s results were as follows:


Tower Road 2-2 Swineshead

Tower Road 2-3 Fishtoft

Tower Road 4-1 New Leake

Tower Road 5-3 Boston Park


The final position standings


1st  Fishtoft

2nd Tower Road

3rd  Boston Park

4th  New Leake

5th  Swineshead


Our congratulations go to Fishtoft Academy, and we wish them luck when they represent the Boston area at the Lincolnshire School Games later on in the year. Well done to all the players for being good sports and representing their individual schools. We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Matt Haslam for organising the competition.

Picture 1 Tower Road's goalball team
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5