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To find out about the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne.


1. Look at the new Viking Knowledge Organiser.


2. Look at the 7 Kingdoms - can you remember the 7 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms? See how many you can fill in, then look back at the Anglo-Saxon Knowledge Organiser to check your answers.


3. Complete the true and false statements about the situation in England before the Vikings attacked.


4. Watch clip: (4.52) Sid gives his Saxon point of view, Vik is the Viking. When did the Vikings first invade England? Can you put this on a timeline, where you can also plot other main historical events that you know about.


5. Read the Anglo-Saxon chronicle source, and the first source on the page called "sources".  Answer these questions:


What do these accounts tell you about the Vikings?

Are the accounts a reliable version of the events? 

Does it show a version of events from the Viking side? What would the Vikings say?

Why is it important for historians to see both sides of the story?


Now read the 2001 historian account and answer these questions. 

What does this version tell you about the Vikings?

Does it agree with the Saxon versions and why?

Do you think it is reliable?


6. Consider the different opinions of Monks and Vikings. Monks would have not wished to be disturbed - what do they think of the Vikings? Why would the Vikings have wanted to attack?


7. Why is historical interpretation so important? Does it matter that we look at lots of different versions? Some people in the past would only have believed or acknowledged one version of events - would this be fair?