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What to try:

  • Paired Reading – Read a school-reading book at the same time as your child but a little bit quicker, so that you’re saying the word just before them.  This will help to build confidence.
  • Flashcards of common words – write words on small cards and hold them up for your child to read.  Don’t have more than 6.  Keep re-reading them.  This is called ‘over-learning’.  Keep doing this activity throughout the day for short bursts of time.
  • Snap with common words – like above, but make two of each word.  Have a set of words each and shuffle them.  Take it in turns to lay a word down face up.  If the words are the same then shout ‘snap’.
  • Memory game – make two flashcards for each common word.  Lay all the words face down in rows.  Take it in turn to pick up two random words.  Look at them.  If they are the same, keep the pair of words and keep going until they don’t match.  When you put the words back down, try to remember where they are so that you can find two matching words next time.
  • Listen to audio books
  • Use the Nessy Learning Programme if you have been given access to it from home


Where to find help: