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Reading & Phonics


Reading is a vital skill which enables children to access learning and indeed the world around them. It is our aim to ensure that all pupils benefit from a reading-rich curriculum, which develops fluency, understanding and a love for this aspect of education. The reading curriculum at Tower Road has been devised to reflect and support the diversity that exists both within Tower Road and also within the local and global community. The aim is that through a robust and rigorous approach to the teaching of early reading, alongside ensuring that reading materials incorporate a broad range of texts to give our children a true picture of the world, our children will leave Tower Road confident about who they are, the society in which they live and with the necessary skills to play an active and full part in the world around them.

Reading Scheme

Our school uses a selection of different reading schemes and real books to provide a wide range of appropriate quality texts for children to read covering all genres. The schemes incorporated into our reading provision include: Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Collins Big Cat. These books are organised into book bands and each book band contains 4 book boxes (3 boxes containing scheme books and 1 box containing real books.) The scheme is structured to ensure that children have access to a wide range of texts and allows pupils to develop their skills within a book band before moving onto the next. The children follow the reading scheme until they become a free reader.


 At Tower Road Academy we are passionate about ensuring all children become confident and enthusiastic readers and writers. We believe that phonics provides the foundations of learning to make the development into fluent reading and writing easier. Through phonics children learn to segment words to support their spelling ability and blend sounds to read words. The teaching of phonics is of high priority.



We follow Letters and Sounds accompanied by the Jolly phonics songs and actions. This scheme follows a systematic synthetic approach with the children are taught the 44 phonemes that make up all the sounds required for reading and spelling. These phonemes include those made by just one letter and those that are made by two or more. Children work through the different phases and as they grow in confidence and experience, they are introduced to alternative ways of representing the same sound. Phonics is taught throughout Reception, year 1 and to some children in year 2 (usually the children which did not pass the year 1 phonics screening test).