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Science at Tower Road Academy

At Tower Road Academy, we recognise the importance of science in every aspect of daily life and as such, we give the teaching and learning of science the prominence it requires. Science teaching at Tower Road Academy aims to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them to think scientifically and understand scientific processes. We intend to build an enquiry-based science curriculum which enables children to think like and truly become scientists. For us, it is crucial to develop the natural curiosity of the children as well as encourage respect for living organisms and the environment.

At Tower Road, scientific enquiry skills are embedded throughout each topic the children study and these topics are revisited and developed. Topics, such as ‘Plants’, are taught in Key Stage 1 and studied again in further detail throughout Key Stage 2. This allows children to build upon their prior learning and embed this procedural knowledge into the long-term memory.

In lessons, all children are taught to use a range of scientific skills through challenging, practical and relatable experiences. They are taught to question the world around them and become independent learners by exploring possible answers for their scientific based questions.

At Tower Road Academy, our highly aspirational curriculum intends to ensure that children are fully prepared for their learning in Key Stage 3 and beyond, as well as inspired by and informed about possible careers in the field of science.

  • Guided by the National Curriculum, we have further developed our own curriculum to meet the needs of the children at Tower Road Academy.  We have added the physics units (‘Forces’ and ‘Light’) into our Key Stage 1 scheme of work as we believe this provides the children with a foundational knowledge of the basic concepts of these topics which is then built upon as the children progress through KS1 and KS2. 
  • Science is taught once a week for an hour and is delivered through discrete units of work. However, cross-curricular links to science are developed in most units taught, to enhance the children’s topical understanding.
  • In order to support the delivery of our lessons we use an online resource called ‘Snap Science’. Snap Science is a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum.
  • Each science lesson is centred around a specific enquiry skill and is knowledge focused. As much as possible, children are engaged in practical ‘hands-on’ learning, and children use these experiences to drive their science learning forward.
  • Lessons are designed to challenge and support all pupils at an appropriate level to allow them to achieve the expected outcome.
  • Each child receives a knowledge organiser which outlines knowledge (including vocabulary) that all children must master.  One copy is sent home as is used for homework activities; one copy is kept in classrooms.
  • Trips and visits from experts are used throughout the school to enhance the learning experience of our children.
  • We have links to secondary schools in the local area, whereby some children take part in ‘STEM’ days.
  • Children use a range of resources to develop their knowledge and understanding that is integral to their learning and develop their understanding of working scientifically.
  • Children reflect on previous learning using ‘KWL’ grids at the start of each module. Children review these grids at the end of a lesson or topic and articulate the scientific concepts they have learned.
  • We also foster the love of science and learning through extra-curricular clubs, Science Week activities and assemblies celebrating the work of diverse and influential scientists in history and now.