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Sports Hall Athletics afternoon 2015 heat

Year 5/6 Indoor Sports Hall Athletics 2015 afternoon heat!

Friday 20th November saw a day of athletic competition, with ten teams competing in the morning and ten in the afternoon. Tower Road competed in the afternoon. A team of 20 athletes represented Tower Road in field and track events. Field events included: the chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, javelin throwing and speed bounce. In the track events, there were: a 4x1lap obstacle race, a 2x1 lap relay, a 2x2 lap relay, a 2x 6 lap paarlauf (where the baton must travel 6 continuous laps between 2 competitors), a 4x1 over and under relay and a 4x1 lap relay to end with.

The over all results for the afternoon were: in 10th place Fishtoft, 9th Park, 8th Sibsey, 7th Butterwick, 6th Carlton Road, 5th Quadring, 4th St. Thomas', 3rd Staniland, 2nd with 640 points were Hawthorn Tree and in 1st place with 710 points were Tower Road.

Everyone now awaits to see where they came in the overall positions of the morning and afternoon combined and whether they will compete in the plate or the cup competition in January.

Many thanks to Boston College students for marshalling the events and to all the parents who come and supported the team.

Waiting for the final results!