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Tag Rugby Festival Autumn 2014

Tag Rugby 2014 Festival.


The new 2014-15 season got off to a great start with the Tag Rugby Festival on Friday October 10th. Sixteen teams from fifteen schools met at Boston Rugby Club grounds.


They were divided into four groups of four. Everyone started with a friendly game to get them warmed up! Then each group played the other three teams in their group.  


In the first round of games:

Tower  Road ‘A’ were in Group 2 and played Staniland (8-5), St Thomas’ (6-1) and Gosberton (7-0). Three successful wins!

Meanwhile Tower Road ‘B’ played in Group 3. They too had three successful wins against Butterwick ‘A’ (3-1), Wyberton (7-2) and Carlton Road (3-2).


In the next round of matches all the teams were rearranged by their place in the first round.

Hence all group winners played each other, second place teams played each other, third place and fourth place teams likewise. So all teams went on to play three more games.


Tower Road ‘A’ and Tower Road ‘B’ were all group winners so met each other in this round with Sutterton and Quadring.


In the first match Tower Road ‘A’ played Sutterton (4-2). Then Tower Road ‘B’ played Quadring which resulted in a 5-5 draw. Then Tower Road ‘B’ lost to Sutterton (4-3). After that Sutterton played Quadring and in the last match Tower Road ‘A’ played Tower Road ‘B’ and ‘A’ won with a 4-3 score, close!

After all that Tower Road ‘A’ took first place in the festival with Tower Road ‘B’ in third place. Quadring third and Sutterton fourth place.


The first and second place teams will go on to the County finals in the Summer.


 Well done to all the players that took part. A big thank you to the College, Boston Rugby Club and Middlecott Secondary School referees and all the supporters.