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The Folk with Fiddles Shindig!

The Folk with Fiddles Shindig!


This project has been in the making for 15 months. Tower Road had been involved since July, after we replied to an email asking if we would like to provide a dance team and so join in the project. We said ‘Yes’.


The project’s aim was to promote and celebrate folk music and dance. In September we started planning for it by deciding which year group to take part and which dance to learn. The two involved schools would be dancing traditional Jewish Klezmer wedding dances.


Year 4 was the chosen year group and learning the Klezmer dance started after Christmas. In the end 30 year 4s who were keen to take part were selected and practises took place every week.


In February, Guy Schalom, a Jewish dance expert, came into school to lead a dance workshop to help with the choreograph and timing.


Practises continued, costumes were put together and then Sunday March 22nd arrived and everyone met up at the Embassy, Skegness. A dress rehearsal took place on the stage and then we took our places in the audience to watch the show. The first half was dedicated to the music. The Lincolnshire Youth Cello Ensemble played several pieces of folk music and then the Klezmer band played some pieces.


After the interval Heckington primary school performed the Camden Patsch dance and we followed them with Freylekhs Medley! Both schools were accompanied by the Klezmer band and a ‘massed folk with fiddles ensemble’- made up of school children from all over the County, including our very own Grace. It was a fantastic experience, dancing on the theatre stage. The children performed the dance like experts. After that we returned to the audience to watch the rest of the show, which involved the O’Dwyer Academy of Irish Dance and the Go Dance Studios.