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The Secret Adventurers' adventure.

The Secret Adventurers.


On Tuesday April 21st the Secret Adventurers Club went on an adventure to Peter Paine Sports Centre to take part in an exciting morning of playing games!


The club met up with other ‘Change for Life’ groups from other Boston schools. ‘Change for Life’ is a scheme to help children improve their sporting skills and build on team spirit. We decided to call ourselves the Secret Adventurers! Many of the other schools also made their club name more personal.


The children were spilt up into different colour groups, so mixing with a cross section of all the other schools that were there. The atmosphere was excellent. Everyone was excited and enthused!


During the morning the children rotated around the games. The college students instructed and coached the children in the relevant game, and then umpired and encouraged them to succeed!


After a break, the children then completed some more games before leaving to go back to school.


Games included: boccia, sitting football, throwing games, team games, Head and Catch game, a volleyball style game and many others. The whole morning was very well organised and planned out. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and went back to school telling everyone about their adventures!  


Many thanks to Mike and Matt for organising the morning, to the college students and to all the children for taking part with great enthusiasm!!