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Thomas Middlecott 2015 High 5 Netball Tournament

Thomas Middlecott High 5 Netball Tournament- 2015


 On Thursday 12th February two Tower Road teams travelled to Thomas Middlecott Academy to take part in this term’s High 5 Netball tournament.


There they were joined by nine other teams.


These were divided into three groups. In Group 1 there were Park, Wyberton and Tower Road ‘A’. Group 2- Tower Road ‘B’, Sutterton and Hawthorn Tree. Group 3 – Donington, St Nicholas, Boston West and St Mary’s.


In Group 1, Tower Road ‘A’ played Wyberton which ended in a score of 15-0. Against Park the score was 7-0.


Meanwhile in Group 2, Tower Road ‘B’ played Sutterton first and ended with a score of 3-0. Against Hawthorn Tree the end score was 9-3 to Tower Road.


This meant that Tower Road ‘A’ played Tower Road ‘B’ (both winners of their groups) in the first semi-final. This was a hard fought match. The ‘B’s were not going to be an easy walk over as the ‘A’s might have thought!! It took the ‘A’s nearly to the last moment before finally scoring the only goal of the game. End result 1-0 to the ‘A’s.


The other semi-final saw Boston West (winners of group 3) play St Mary’s (best placed runnerup). After a lot of goals the end result was 4-5. This meant that Tower Road ‘A’ faced St Mary’s in the final. It was a very good game with lots of near misses in the shooting circle but the end result was 8-0 to Tower Road.


As Tower Road ‘A’ have already qualified through to the County Finals, it now meant that St Mary’s would also be joining them there.


Congratulations to all team players. Thank you to the umpires and a great big thank you to all the help with the transport of the teams to the event. Thank you to everyone else who came and supported the teams. It was a great atmosphere and some super playing!!