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Geography - What’s happening in our local community?


Use your new Knowledge Organiser to support. 


We are going to be looking at ariel images of Boston and using Google Maps to identify human and physical features. 


Use the images of Boston to draw your own map and label the features (such as hospital, school, shop, traffic lights, fields, trees, parks etc)



History - Victorian Seaside


Listen to the Radio link to hear a story about a child's first holiday to the seaside.


Then complete the reading comprehension and questions. 


Finally create a postcard from your "Victorian beach holiday" and tell a friend all about what you did, saw or ate. 



Science - Seasons - Summer


As we are not at school you will not be able to see your class tree but you  can go for a walk and see what the trees look like now.


Draw a picture of one and write about what you can do now it is summer, what clothes are you wearing, what is the weather like?


Play the seasons game below.


This week's Seesaw activities are all Summer fun things to do (remember these are not compulsory but we enjoy seeing what you get up to and the activities are supposed to be fun!)