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Tower Road’s Hockey Superstars

Tower Road’s Hockey Superstars


On Friday the 20th of March, Tower Road’s year 6 Hockey players travelled to Glen Park, Surfleet, after school, to compete in a highly competitive Hockey Tournament. It was the first time Tower Road had competed in the Spalding Schools’ Hockey Tournament (this was number 4 of 5 this season!) and it was also the first time the hockey team had played against another school this year, so the players were full of excitement and anticipation.


The tournament was played on a large Astroturf area, which consisted of 4 different pitches, 2 beginners Pitches, an Intermediate Pitch and an Advanced Pitch. Tower Road competed in the Intermediate league alongside 4 different school teams.


Throughout training in the Hockey club the players had been taught the Quick stick rules (they will be playing in the Quick sticks’ tournament in June!) which are different to normal Hockey rules.  On arrival the team quickly found out this fact, which didn’t faze the attitude or approach of our Tower Road Team. They adapted very quickly


The Results of the Intermediate Group:


Tower Road Academy 0-0 Ayscoughfee Primary


Tower Road Academy 1-0 Pinchbeck East Primary


Tower Road Academy 1-0 Wyberton Primary


Tower Road Academy  3-1 Gosberton Academy 


Our Tower Road team played fantastically throughout the tournament and managed to finish 1st in the Intermediate League! The team passed, defended and attacked as a group brilliantly, which was also commented by other teachers and parents from other schools and even the referee!


Thank you all for coming along to support the team!