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Week 10


NSPCC Assembly

Here is an assembly for you to watch with a parent/carer at home. It includes the 'speak out, stay safe' message from the NSPCC and services to support children. It also talks about Coronavirus and any worries you may have about this. 


Click here to watch the assembly. 


This week's learning is all about coordinates. You will read, write and plot coordinates in the first quadrant to draw polygons. There is some arithmetic practice for you and an extra challenge too. 


Click here for a coordinates activity.


Click here for a times table game.


This week's learning is all about Roman Rescue Chapters 11 and 12. Use the activity cards to reinforce what you have read. You can complete the expanded noun phrases activity sheet, write a list of similarities and differences between how the Romans got clean and how you get clean, cut out the definition matching cards and match the words with their definition, use an on online map to complete the Roman place names activity sheet, draw an image of a Roman feast and make a prediction. 


Click here for a spelling activity all about homophones and near homophones. 


This week's learning is based on a lesson from the BBC: Blue Planet. You will learn about plastic pollution and how we can help the Earth. 


Click here for a video about why recycling is important. 

Click here for a website about recycling. 

Click here for a guide to recycling.


This week's poem is called The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. It was chosen by Miss Clarke. There is lots of vocabulary in here that you may want to use a dictionary to find the meanings of the words. Enjoy!

TT Rockstars Battles

There are three TT Rockstars Battles starting from Monday 15th June at 9am until Friday 19th June at 4pm. Who will win? You decide!