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Week 11



This week's learning is all about position and direction: translations. This carries on from coordinates. 


Click here for an online activity.


Click here for a times table game.


This week's learning is all about Chapters 13 and 14. After reading, you can complete the commas after fronted adverbials activity sheet, choose some tricky vocabulary and describe what it is to someone at home and see if they can guess the word, write a set of instructions for how to play Micare, research and create a recipe for a dish from a Roman feast, write a description of what it would be like to have to wash the Emperor's friends' feet and research what being 'thrown to the lions' would involve. 


Click here for a reading activity. 


This week's learning is all to do with learning colours in French.


Click here for some French games.

This week's poem is called If by Rudyard Kipling. It was chosen by Mrs Adams. Enjoy!

TT Rockstars

There is a battle starting on Monday 22nd June at 8am until Friday 26th June at 4pm. Who will win?!