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Week 12



This week's learning is based around the home learning that White Rose Maths have produced. They are a government recommended resource creator and the scheme we follow in school too. 

Click here for Lesson 1 video.

Click here for Lesson 2 video.

Click here for Lesson 3 video.

Click here for Lesson 4 video.


This week's learning is based around the last two chapters of Roman Rescue. Read the chapters, answer the comprehension questions, link nouns and pronouns, complete the speech punctuation activity sheet and there is a spelling activity too. You could also research signet rings and design your own. As an extra challenge, you could write an explanation about how signet rings were used and their importance. 


This week's learning is about UK, Europe and the World. On Monday, label the four countries with capital cities, label main European countries, label 7 continents and label the 5 oceans. On Tuesday, use the slides to find out about famous landmarks in North America and annotate a map with these places. On Wednesday, use the slides to explore the biomes and topographical features of North America. On Thursday, choose a place from the list and produce a poster to explain an area in North America which is rural or urban. On Friday, research Washington DC and London to find similarities and differences.


This week's poem is called 'From a Railway Carriage' by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was chosen by Miss Potter. Enjoy!

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This week it is Year 4 vs Year 3!