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Week 4


I See Maths is providing daily online lessons and activities for maths. Check it out!

Past lessons and activities are all on the website aswell!



This week's home learning is focused on recognising, comparing and ordering angles by size. Read through the power point lessons and then have a go at the activities. When you have finished, have a go at this game to test your estimating skills - click here.

There's also an addition and subtraction booklet to have a go at. 

Times tables

Don't forget to keep playing TTRockstars to build your speed and challenge other people to battles.

Here's a game to play at home.


This week's home learning is focused on part 3 of the story of Romulus and Remus. Read through the text from the beginning and have a go at the activities.

Once you've finished, have a go at this spelling game - click here.

Weekly Poem

This week's poem is Wind on the Hill by A. A, Milne -chosen by Miss Potter.


This week's topic is Science based and all about famous inventors. Have a read through and learn about the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. What did they invent?

Can you design and create your own invention? What could it do? Could it turn boys into rabbits? Could it do all your homework for you? Could it clean the toilets? You decide! 

Share your inventions by tweeting the pictures #yearfourinventions or upload to Seesaw. 

Just for fun!

Go outside a build a fort!