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Week 5



Mid-week Battle Update....

We are on the way to winning Year 4! Keep it up!



This week's home learning is all about Statistics. Read through the power point and the have a go at the 5 activities- one for every day! When you have finished, have a go at this bar chart game - click here.

There is also a multiplication and division booklet to have a go at. 

Times tables

Well done to everyone in last week's battle. We beat Year 5!!!!!

Congratulations to your top 5 players. You can all give yourself a big pat on the back!




Don't forget to keep playing TTRockstars to build speed and challenge other people to battles. A battle has been started with Year 6 for the next week! Let's see if we can beat them too!!


Here's a bingo game to play at home.


This week's home learning is focused on the last part of the Romulus and Remus story. Read through the text from the beginning and have a go at the activities.

Once you've finished, have a go at this spelling game - click here.

Weekly Poem

This week's poem is Be Glad Your Nose Is On Your Face by Jack Prelutsky - chosen by Mrs Deri-White.


This week's topic is Geography based and all about the world. Have a read through the power point lessons and then have a go at the 5 different activities. 

Just for fun!