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Week 7


Mid-Week TTRS update

It's so close everyone! The girls are just in front. Can they keep it up???  



          I See Maths

            Daily online lessons 

           Click on the image for the link




This week's home learning focuses on measure, and in particular area and perimeter. We have covered this is class this year, so hopefully this will be a fun refresher for you all. Read through the power points and then have a go at the activities. There is also a mystery activity where you to have to solve each clue and work out who the culprit is. When you have finished, have a go at this game - click here.


Wow! Well done everyone in last week's battle. We beat Year 3!!!!!

Congratulations to our top 5 players! There is now a girls vs boys battle. Who will win this week?



For our top three players, here are your certificates.


Don't forget to keep practising. Here's another timestable game to play - click here.


The week's home learning continues our work on Roman Rescue. Read chapters 4 & 5, and then have a go at the activities. There's also a summer activity booklet.


Weekly Poem

This week's poem is Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen - chosen by Mrs Adams. Here are the lyrics and a link to Michael Rosen performing it - click here.



This week's topic is Geography based and all about the rainforests. Click on the links below to take you to some useful websites to learning about rainforests, and then have a go at the activities. 

National Geographic for Kids              Rainforest Alliance            Science Kids       

Mongabay Kids              Kiddle


Just for fun!

This week is Walk to School Week. We are know how important it is to have a healthy mind, body and planet, so this week's activities encourage you to think about what you can do to keep healthy.