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Week 8



This week's home learning is based time intervals and converting between 12hr and 24hr times. Read through the power point lessons and then have a go at the activities. When you are finished, here is a game to play - click here.

Times tables

Results of last week's battle.....

Well done boys! You pipped the girls to the post! Here are your MVP certificates.

Here's a game to play for this week - click here.


This week's home learning follows are story of Roman Rescue. Read the next part of the text (chapters 7, 8 & 9) and then have a go at the activities. When you're finished, here is a spelling game to play - click here.

Weekly Poem

Children of the World Today - chosen by Miss Potter. Can you recite it with your own actions?


This week's topic is science based and all about the digestive system. Read the power point lesson and use the web links provided to find out more information about the human digestive system. Then have a go at the activities. 

BBC Bitesize      National Geographic for Kids      Science Sparks