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Week 9


Mrs French's Letter 

A letter was sent to parents about home learning on Thursday 4th June 2020. 


It stated that:


'Learning will link to the specific year group curriculum and will mirror the lessons taking place in school. In theory, this means that should your child attend school on certain days then they will be learning the same things as they would be doing should they be accessing the learning from home. Naturally, there may be some deviation and some differences, but by and large the home learning and the learning in school should be focused on the same topic areas within each subject.'


Maths and Topic will be taught the same in school as on the website but English will be different.


We will now be changing the names of the activities from Activity 1 to Monday and so on throughout the week. For example, if your child is in school on Monday, Tuesday and Friday then they could do the activities named Wednesday and Thursday whilst they are at home to ensure when they come back into school they have kept in line with the sequence of learning.


It also helps those children who remain at home to know what is the expectation each day.


Thank you and we hope to see you soon.


Miss Potter, Mrs Adams, Mrs Deri-White and Miss Clarke smiley


This week's learning is all about solving problems which involve converting from hours to minutes, minutes to seconds, years to months and weeks to days. There is also some arithmetic activities too. Can you complete the extra challenges of the mystery of the melting ice cream or the days and months loop cards?


Click here for a maths activity.


Click here for a times table game.


This week's English is based around Chapters 9 and 10 of Roman Rescue. Can you complete the activities to go alongside this text? There are activities to complete about an emotion graph, plural or possessive, a SPAG mat and word endings. 


Click here for a reading game. 


This week's topic learning is all about Henry VIII and his wives. Find out who he was, investigate sources, discover who his wives were and create an advert.


Click here for a song about the wives of Henry VIII.


Click here for a website with facts about Henry VIII.


Click here for a website about Henry VIII's reign. 


This week's poem is called Let No-One Steal Your Dreams by Paul Cookson. It was chosen by Mrs Deri-White. Enjoy!

TT Rockstars Battle

There is a TT Rockstars Battle starting from Monday 8th June at 8am until Friday 12th June at 4pm. Who will win? The boys or the girls? You decide!

Here is an update for you! The girls are currently in the lead but will they be victorious or will the boys take over?! Well done to everyone who has taken part so far - your points really make a difference!