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Year 3/4 Indoor Sports Hall Athletics January 2016

Picture 1 Smiles all round for the winners!
Picture 2 Over and under team
Picture 3 Over and under team
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 4x 1lap relay
Picture 7 4x 1 lap relay
Picture 8 change over in the 4x 1 lap relay
Picture 9
Picture 10 Obstacle race team
Picture 11 2x 2 lap relay duo
Picture 12 1x 1 lap relay duo
Picture 13
Picture 14 Obstacle race team
Picture 15 2x 1 lap hurdles relay duo
Picture 16 2x 1 lap hurdles relay duo
Picture 17 triple jump
Picture 18 speed bounce
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22

Year 3/4 Indoor Sports Hall Athletics.

Friday January 15th, saw this year's Year 3 and 4 Indoor Sports Hall Athletics take place at Peter Paine Sports Centre, Boston. Ten very excited girls and eleven equally excited boys took part in the competition. They made up the Tower Road team! On the day, they found themselves competing against none other local schools.

Ten other schools had competed in the morning. St Mary's had won this competition.

The afternoon began with a lot of cheering and excited anticipation about what was to unfold! As there were ten schools taking part, the races had to held as two heats and the times collated and turned into points. The very first race was the obstacle race. The girls won their heat!

Once this was done, the boys went to compete in their first round of field events while the girls continued to compete in their track events. Then they swapped over. This was the pattern of the afternoon. Finally, everyone came together for the final races of the afternoon- the 4x 1 lap relay. Four team members running as fast a lap as possible!

Then there was a pause while the scores were added up.... Without all schools taking part there would have been no competition and therefore no results.

In 10th place, Swineshead, 9th Park, 8th Sutterton, 7th Sibsey, 6th Quadring, 5th Butterwick, 4th Hawthorn Tree, 3rd Staniland, 2nd Boston West and that left Tower Road in first place.

Congratulations to ALL athletes. Everyone put 100% into their races and events.

Many thank yous to Boston College for providing the judges and student support, to Mike for comparing and Matt Haslam for organising the event. As well as thank you to all the supporters who came to cheer on the team and a huge thank you to all the team for your enthusiasm and determination to succeed!!