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Year 5/6 Indoor Sports Hall Athletics Boston area Final January 2016

Boston Schools' Indoor Athletics Final 2016

On Friday January 22nd saw the final of this year's indoor sports hall athletics take place at Peter Paine Sports Centre. Following on from the November heats, the top scoring teams from the morning and afternoon events met in the grand final to determine who would represent the Boston area in the County finals in March. There would be a small school and a larger school representative, so all to play for!

The atmosphere was electric with the ten teams cheering their fellow competitors on.

All our runners gave 110% effort! Picking up speed or recovering from slips... no one was going to let the rest down!

The afternoon began with the obstacle race, which everyone watched and cheered. There were 2 heats for the girls and 2 for the boys. The times were then compared together to see where each team would come in the placing. Each track race consisted of two heats. Then, while the girls continued in track races, the boys competed in the first round of field events. After, they swapped over. This was how the whole afternoon progressed.

The very last races were the fast lap 4x 1 lap relays. Blink and you would miss them!!

All the teams came together, singing to 'Frozen', to await the results. Matt Warman MP, for Boston & Skegness, arrived during the afternoon to watch the competitors. He then spoke a few words at the end, before presenting the medals to the runners up and the finalists.  

Results were: 10th New York/Frithville. 9th St Thomas'. 8th Quadring. 7th St Mary's. 6th Staniland. 5th Donnington. 4th Stickney. 3rd Boston West. 2nd Hawthorn Tree. 1st Tower Road.

Tower Road will go on the represent the Boston area in the County finals, while Stickney will represent the area in the small schools.

Congratulations to ALL the competitors! It was a wonderful afternoon. The atmosphere was fantastic. Many thanks to Boston College students who helped run, record and supervise the events. Thank you to Mr Haslam and Mike for the over all organising of the event and to Jodie for organising the space in the centre.

and lastly thank you to all the parents who came along to support the team! 


Picture 1 Winning smiles! Matt Warman MP presented medals
Picture 2 Katie, Shayla, Emily & Katie ready for first race
Picture 3 Jack, Harley, Charlie & Joe ready for their race.
Picture 4 1 + 1 lap relay
Picture 5 2 + 2 lap relay
Picture 6 2 + 2 lap relay
Picture 7 6 lap paarlauf
Picture 8 Chest push field event
Picture 9 over and underrelay race
Picture 10 boys over & under relay team
Picture 11 4 x 1 lap relay team
Picture 12 a mixed over & under team race
Picture 13
Picture 14 girls' final 4x 1 relay race
Picture 15 boys' final 4x 1 relay race
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19