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Year 5/6 Indoor Sports Hall AThletics Competition 2014

Year 5 and 6 Indoor Sports Hall Athletics Competition.


Friday 21st November was the day of the Indoor Sports Hall Athletics Competition for 16 local schools. Eight teams competed in the morning and the other eight in the afternoon. An exceedingly exciting day for everyone, with lots and lots of cheering and screaming!!


We were competing against Hawthorn Tree, Quadring, Sibsey, Gosberton, Swineshead, Gypsy Bridge and Wrangle. Everyone started with a warm up. The first race was the obstacle race for the girls followed by the boys’ race.


After that the girls continued with track events while the boys began their first round of field events. Then the two swapped over. This set the atmosphere for the rest of the competition.


The whole event is so well organised, and the individual track and field events work so smoothly together it is a superb afternoon. There are also opportunities for the team members to take part in extra non-scoring races which are fun and keeps the children focussed!


The penultimate events are the javelin and speed bounce. The boys competed in the speed bounce first while the girls threw the javelins. Then they swapped over. There was time for an adult javelin competition too! It must be mentioned that Sisa threw the javelin the furthest out of the entire competition. Well done! The whole competition finished with the 4x1 girls’ and boys’ lap relays and to enormous cheering.


The final placings were Swineshead 4th, Quadring 3rd, Hawthorn Tree 2nd and Tower Road 1st. These four teams will go onto the final on 23rd January and compete with the top four from the morning’s competition. (St Mary’s, Sutterton, Butterwick and Stickney). The other eight teams will also meet in the morning on January 23rd.


 Many thanks to all the parents for coming along to support the team, as well as to all the College students who helped coach, record and judge the events.