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Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics Final: January 2015

Year 5 and 6 Sports Hall Athletics: Boston area final.



Finally on the Friday afternoon of 23rd January the local Boston area final of the indoor athletics took part! There were seven other schools taking part and the atmosphere was fantastic.


During the morning eight teams had taken part in the plate final, with Donington the winners.


The afternoon got off to a good start with the girls coming second in the Obstacle Relay and the boys coming first. Then the boys went off to take part in round one of the field events while the girls continued on the track.


Afterwards they swapped over. This continued for the rest of the afternoon. The girls saw successes in the chest push with Gracie scoring 7.25m, the furthest in the event. She also jumped the greatest height in the vertical jump, 45cm! Not to be out done, Felicity equalled the best distance jumped in the triple jump, 4.92m. Well done girls! In the boys’ field events, Joshua jumped 43cm, the best in the boys’ vertical jump. While Anton, equally, jumped the best distance of 4.92m in the triple jump. Well doneto you too!


The penultimate events were the javelin and speed bounce events for both boys and girls. Sisa threw the javelin the furthest distance in the competition and with the best throws of the other two boys, saw them come first. Not to be out done the girls also came first in their javelin event. When it came to the adults’ javelin event Mr Johnson was not going to let the side down and equalled his best, 24m, of last year! Well done to Mr Johnson.


The final event of the afternoon was the 4 X 1 lap relay. By now the atmosphere was electric, with everyone cheering and clapping. The boys came 4th and the girls came 5thin the relay.


All the athletes performed their best, trying hard to strive that little bit more.  


The final scores of the afternoon. In 8th place were St Marys’, in 7th Butterwick, in 6th Swineshead, 5th Staniland, 4th Quadring. In 3rd with 253 points was Stickney, in 2ndwith 266 points was Hawthorn Tree and in 1st with 332 points was Tower Road.


Tower Road now go on to represent the Boston area in the County finals in March.


Many, many thanks to all the supporters who took the time to come, cheer and support the children. Thank you to all the College students who judged the events and recorded.