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We are very proud of our Academy and believe Tower Road Academy is a ‘great’ place for Primary age children to live, laugh and learn in the 21st Century.

As an Academy, specialising in Sports and Performing Arts, we are always looking at ways to develop and create new exciting opportunities for all our children to enjoy and be inspired to continue their education and extra curriculum interests long after they have left Tower Road! 

We offer a warm welcome to new parents and their children as well as continuing to build strong relationships with our existing families—together we can achieve anything at Tower Road Academy!

Mrs J. French, Headteacher     /      Mr S. Horniblow, Chairman of Governors.


Latest News

Video Conference Christmas 2014 With Kladno School

Video Conference with partner school in Kladno, Czech Republic.
Children in Year 6 took part in a video conference with children from the Czech Republic. Over recent weeks children from both schools have been preparing presentations centred around  Christmas and their local traditions. Children from Tower Road sang two carols and then explained using caption boards and short messages how we celebrate Christmas, what we eat, how presents come to us and why Christmas is a special time. Likewise students for Kladno talked about their customs and how Christmas is celebrated in their country. Carols were sung in English and Czech. We ended with a question and answer session about what we had found out. Finally children wished each other Happy Christmas.

Behind The Scenes In Year 6

Behind The Scenes In Year 6
Unique, one of a kind – just a few ways to describe the awesome Year 6 Study Centre at Tower Road Academy. Year 6 here has a unique system compared to other primary schools. It provides children with: a variety of privileges, opportunities, responsibilities and an outstanding learning environment. Would you like to take a peek behind the scenes to find out more about this exclusive, land of opportunities where there is never a dull moment?

Organisation of the Year 6 Study Centre
Like no other school, the Year 6 Study Centre has: its own exclusive entrance, pigeon holes and an amazing large room. Even if all 90 children are in this room, everyone can sit and work comfortably. There are cinema-style seats round the corners of the room with tables for children to work on. In the centre of the room are folding tables with padded chairs. Normally pupils would have their own classroom, but in Year 6, to get pupils ready for secondary school, pupils change rooms nearly every hour. Children can work in either the spacious, main study room or the two adjacent rooms. Pupils are organised into four tutor groups: Challenge, Vision, Ambition and Vision. If you do good work, your teacher – tutor – gives you a tutor point.

To prepare for secondary school, the Year 6 children have to be responsible. Instead of using reading folders, children are given sophisticated, ‘hook on your shoulder’ briefcases. Since the pupils have all their own belongings, they have their own pigeon holes which are adjacent to the classrooms. These pigeon holes, which are just like lockers at secondary school, are made for: briefcases, folders and art books. Pupils are responsible for: using the homework station to hand homework in on time; looking after their own briefcase and making sure their own pigeon hole is tidy.

While pupils are in Year 6, they have numerous opportunities. The most popular is the trip to Crystal Palace, in London, where they spend five days exploring London and using the unique sports facilities this site offers. The pantomime – which Year 6 all have the chance to take part in – is absolutely the best pantomime ever. Unlike other year groups, Year 6 are allowed to come into school early (8.30am) to draw, read or talk to friends. When someone is being helpful or trying hard in their work, they could be chosen for ‘Star of the Week’ and take a trophy home.
In summary, hopefully this has given you an idea of what life in Year 6 is like. This is one of the many things that make Tower Road Academy a great place to send your child.


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